When You Shop SEA Señora Swim, you are helping to make huge changes by supporting initiatives that… 

...help clean up oceans worldwide by rescuing old fishing nets 

...help ecosystems thrive and marine animals survive by removing fishing nets causing ecological problems  

...removes sources of microplastic debris, from oceans, that is not only harmful to sea life but also found in seafood and drinking water 


When You Shop SEA Señora Swim You are NOT contributing to the production of new Nylon which... 

...is a form a plastic derived from petrochemicals 

...is non-biodegradable. Once produced and disposed of, it will sit in landfills FOREVER

...during the production process, creates nitrous oxide, a greenhouse gas 300 times more harmful than Carbon Dioxide

...Nitrous Oxide molecules stay in the atmosphere for an average of 114 years

...contributes to global warming

Choosing a sustainable SEA Señora bikini means you are...

...reducing your environmental impact by not using new resources

...helping to save 70,000 Barrels of oil and avoid 57,000 tons of CO2 compared to new nylon for every 10,000 tons of Econyl raw materials

...reduce the global warming impact of oil derived nylon by up to 80% 

...contributing to an environmentally conscious swimwear brand 

SEA Señora bikinis

...are made using a renewable energy source (every ounce of SEA Señora, from our laptops charging to manufacturing is powered by 100% renewable energy)

...are handmade with detail, quality and care

...Made from pre- and post- consumer materials, including rescued fishing nets from oceans worldwide