SEA Señora Swim is a luxe swimwear brand providing designer styles and a flattering fit. All our pieces are made with ECONYL® Polyamide, a 100% regenerated nylon yarn that is infinitely regenerable.

Every piece in our collection is handmade with care in Montréal, Canada using renewable energy.  

Our mission goes beyond the latest fashion trends - we are building a movement that puts environmental responsibility and sustainability front and centre. We do not believe in the outdated method of taking our earth's new and precious resources... to make swimwear...that will later be tossed of in a landfill forever. This is an environmentally destructive and unnecessary way of doing things. 

We are doing things differently. We are embracing innovation, sustainability and environmental responsibility.

As opposed to using virgin nylon yarns derived from crude oil, ECONYL® yarn is an innovative and sustainable ingredient in our fabric that allows for a significant reduction in the final environmental footprint of our bikinis

Our Fabric, made from ECONYL® yarn, is developed through an innovative regeneration process that rescues pre- and post-consumer Nylon 6 waste material, such as, fishing nets recovered from oceans worldwide, carpets, fabric and other waste. What’s even better, ECONYL® regenerated Nylon is equal in quality to virgin nylon yarns. Same quality, minus the devastating environmental impact of producing virgin nylon. 

Beyond just regenerating waste, ECONYL® regenerated Nylon can be regenerated over and over again. ECONYL® can be endlessly regenerated into a new life, rather than sitting in a landfill indefinitely. Your new bikini today, a new bikini in the future.  

SEA Señora Swim is on a mission to set an example for how start-ups can set the tone for an environmentally conscious and responsible future.

Most importantly, we want to give you an environmentally sustainable way to shop - without having to sacrifice style or quality. When you support SEA Señora Swim, you set off a chain reaction for positive environmental change. 

Alone we are one drop, together we are an ocean.  

More on the sustainability of shopping SEA Señora Swim HERE

Open Loop: Take (new resources) → Make (new garments) → Dispose (old garments into landfills indefinitely)
Closed Loop: Rescue (Pre- and Post- Consumer Nylon Waste) → regenerated Nylon → Create (new garments) → Reclaim (Old ECONYL® garments) → regenerated Nylon → Create (new garments) →  ∞