Work From Home Guide (Part 2)

We're coming back at you for round 2 of our how to work from home series. We dive into tips on how to maximize time efficiency in your day and minimize distractions. 

1. Time Block Your Workday.

If you are working in the same space as you are living, it is hard to know when the work day ends and leisure time begins. Setting a time limit for each work task will help keep you on task and allow you to use your time more efficiently. More importantly, blocking out when your work day is over will help prevent burnout.

2. Open a Window.

When spending so much time inside the air in your workspace will become stuffy.  Opening a window can help freshen air and reduce the accumulation of indoor air pollution. Fresh air, fresh mind. 

3. Avoid Netflix and TV in The Background.

It may seem nice to have the TV on for some background noise, however, it’s distracting and will force your brain to work harder to stay focused - tiring you out in the long run. For busy work, opt for a podcast and for more focused tasks, opt for silence or some basic background music - you brain will thank you!

4. Designate a Space For Work. 

Although it can be tempting to work from your bed or couch, these spaces are not the most conducive for productivity. Carve out a designated workspace that has sufficient space, lighting and allows you to set up your laptop/notebooks. If you have a designated workspace, it will help in creating boundaries between leisure space in your home and workspace. It will also trigger your brain to get into work mode. 

5. Leave The Drinks For Happy Hour.

Avoid drinking at noon.  Save the cocktails for happy hour zoom sessions.