Work From Home Guide (Part I)

This quarantine life has got us all switching up our daily routines and adapting to an entirely new work environment. We want to make the transition to work from home life as seamless as possible, so we came up with this simple guide!

1. Set-up a morning routine and stick to it daily.

Setting up a morning routine will help shift your brain from leisure mode to work mode and back. Wake-up, work-out, breakfast, get dressed, get to work and relax. No matter what your routine is, make sure it works for you and stick with it daily. Remember, small consistent actions daily create large and impactful results in the long term.   

2. Meal prep before your week starts. 

We've all done it... ventured off into the kitchen for a tenth snack while procrastinating or trying to overcome boredom. If you meal prep before your week starts, you will use your time more efficiently during your work day and avoid all potential "snaccidents". 

3. Get dressed.

The novelty of working in PJs wears off pretty fast. Getting dressed and ready for the day will make you feel so much better and more productive. But, we do highly recommend working in a bikini, that way you can work and tan from home all in one shot - that's definitely something you can't do in the office (haha)! 

4. Schedule exercise.

It can be easy to get caught up in the workday and nothing else. Schedule time to exercise throughout your workday and afterwards. Getting in a good sweat is a great way to re-energize your mind, body and soul and increase productivity. Whatever task you are working on can wait 30 minutes. We must take care of our body, it's our only home. 

5. Take regular breaks.

Take a short break after completing each task on your to-do list. You can't pour from an empty cup, so it is important to take breaks to maintain productive energy throughout your day. To keep feeling productive on a break, you can try breaking down your work and home to-do list into small tasks. When you complete a work task, switch to an at home task. This way you’ll feel productive while still taking a mental break from work.